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About etamax

Etamax engineering was founded in March 2003 in Adelaide, South Australia. Since then, etamax's mission has been to provide high quality, competitively priced engineering services.


Etamax delivers engineering and industrial design services to customers across a broad range of industries.   We regularly work with interstate and international customers, as well as with our local clients.   We specialise in:

  • Manufacture of carbon composite spars for sailing vessels
  • Filament winding machinery and equipment
  • Filament wound parts, including pressure vessels, beams, booms, tubes, pipe
  • Aerospace structural and aerodynamic design / analysis
  • Boat design, specialising in structural design
  • Structural design using composite materials (eg. carbon fibre)
  • Mechanical design and analysis

Because etamax has this broad spectrum of experience, it is in a unique position to provide innovative, 'outside-the-square' ideas which may have been inspired from other disciplines or industries.   This gives etamax customers a competitive advantage, and often speeds the product development process and reduces costs.

Furthermore, because of etamax's small size, it can deliver solutions in a timely and cost-effective way, without the delays and bureaucratic problems that often come with larger companies.


Etamax uses a range of design and analytical techniques, combined with high-end software to quickly and efficiently create solutions to engineering challenges.

  • 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) using 'pro/Engineer Wildfire'
  • Classical 'by-hand' analysis for rapid, cost effective solutions to a wide range of engineering problems
  • Finite Element (FE) structural and thermal analysis for detailed solutions

Etamax has mastered many innovative and high-end manufacturing techniques to produce composite parts rapidly, affordably and to a high standard of quality. For example:

  • Filament winding using our 4 axes, computer controlled (CNC) winder
  • Vacuum resin infusion
  • Bladder moulding
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