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Filament Winding

Etamax Engineering provide experienced design services and manufacture advice for the filament winding industry. We also provide sales, training and technical support for the world's most sophisticated filament winding software package: CADWIND, for businesses in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


More about CADWIND

Etamax Engineering can also arrange cost-effective manufacture of your filament wound parts, through our network of partners in the composites manufacturing industry.

Please contact us if you require assistance or advice with your filament-wound part or filament winding project.

What is Filament Winding?

Filament winding is an automated process for producing light-weight fibre-reinforced composite parts (eg. using carbon fibre or fibreglass) by winding the fibres around and over a male mandrel (or mould).

The process offers high precision, very good repeatabilty and is relatively inexpensive compared with other automated methods of manufacturing composite parts. Please download the following brochure for more information.

Download a brochure on filament winding.

Filament Winding Concept
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