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Carbon Fibre Spars

Etamax is using its experience in composites design to develop a professional range of high quality but affordable carbon-fibre composite spars. The full catalogue is under development. In the meantime, please contact us for a quote.


Low windage, aerodynamic design

Light-weight carbon/foam sandwich

One-piece vacuum resin infusion (no joins)

Integral shear-web allows lighter walls

Integral internal sail-track

Round Masts and tubes

Circular and elliptical cross-sections

A variety of sizes

One-piece CNC filament-wound (no joins)


Stylish and professionally engineered beams for sport catamarans and other multihulls in the range of 25-45 feet.

Integral, internal trampoline track available.

Bolt-through hull attachment available


Fully engineered, carbon fibre booms for a wide range of sailing boats.

14 feet, 16 feet, 18 foot skiffs

Catamarans / multi-hulls

Vanged and vangless designs

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