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Etamax can assist aerospace and aviation businesses with qualified engineering support for stress analysis, aerodynamic loading and aircraft design projects. A range of design and analysis techniques are available, from high-end 3D CAD (pro/engineer) to 2D Autocad and finite element (FE) modelling to hand calculations. This ensures that etamax customers' projects receive an appropriate balance between time/cost and depth of analysis. This flexible approach means that projects are finished in the shortest possible time and at minimum cost.

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FE of Raytheon's Low Drag Electronics Pod

Etamax worked closely with Raytheon Australia for two years in the structural development of its range of Pods, made from advanced-composite materials and fitted to high-speed military jets. It continues to work with Raytheon, Aeronautical Engineers Australia (AEA) on their many general aviation projects and Airspeed Pty. Ltd., on their defense projects.

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FE Model of a wing-spar for AEA

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