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Design Services using Composites

Etamax Engineering is specialised in the design and analysis of structures that use lightweight composite materials such as carbon-fibre and fibreglass and our engineers have broad experience across many of the facets of the composite industry. We regularly provide design and engineering support for the aerospace and marine industries and also design pressure vessels and lightweight fuel-saving structures for vehicles and the transport industry. We have even designed the occasional theatrical prop.

Golden Falcon theatrical prop, submarine pressure vessel and carbon fibre masts

1. The wings of the 'Golden Falcon', used in the opening ceremony of the 2006 Asian Games, were redesigned in carbon-fibre by Etamax, for light weight.
2. A composite pressure vessel for external use on a submarine was designed by Etamax in 2007 to withstand the crushing pressures of dive depth and
3. Just two of our many carbon-fibre free-standing masts. This pair was designed in 2008 for a 26' Norwalk Island Sharpie.

Etamax can also arrange the manufacture of virtually any composite structure through our network of contacts in the boat-building, aeronautical and filament winding industries. Please contact us if you have an engineering, design or manufacture challenge that could benefit from the use of light-weight, versatile composite materials.

Composites Software

Etamax sells and supports composites software for the Australan, New Zealand & Asian composites industries, developed by Material of Belgium, including 'COMPOSITE STAR' and 'CADWIND'

COMPOSITE STAR is all-embracing composite design software and database for engineers working with composite materials.
Composite Star
Learn more about COMPOSITE STAR.

CADWIND is the world's most sophisticated software for filament winding process simulation and machine programming.


Learn more about CADWIND.

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