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CADWIND Filament Winding Software

COMPOSITE STAR is all-embracing composite design software and database for engineers working with composite materials. It calculates:

* the mechanical properties of plies by micromechanics

* the mechanical and hygrothermal properties of laminates by
  Classical Laminate Theory (CLT)

* loaded ply / laminate mechanical and hygrothermal stresses/ strains

* Ply / laminate failure predictions with your choice of several different
  industry-standard and new failure criterion and progressive failure

Composite Star will take the mystery out of composite material properties, with accurate predictions of the strength, stiffness and behaviour under load for ANY combination of fibre, resin and cores and any laminate stacking sequences.

Composite Star can store and organise the material properties for all the fibres, resins, plies, and laminates that you use. These are kept in a single, easy-to-use database which plugs seamlessly into the laminate calculation engine.

Download a brochure on COMPOSITE STAR

*** Download a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL COPY (4.42 MB) ***

Buy COMPOSITE STAR online: 495 Euro, approx $950 AUD

Composite Star Screengrab of failure envelope
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