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CADWIND Filament Winding Software

CADWIND is the world's most sophisticated process simulation software for filament winding of composite materials. CADWIND simulates the winding process on a computer generated mandrel and winding machine. It calculates the winding pattern for any mandrel geometry and automatically generates the part program to produce the part on any winding machine, from 2 to 6 axes.

Download a brochure on CADWIND

Simulation winding of a pressure vessel Part Program

        CADWIND simulation


winding-machine program

Please click on the above link to download a detailed brochure on CADWIND's capabilities or contact us for pricing information.

Learn more about filament winding technology.

Etamax also supplies 'COMPOSITE STAR', software for the design, structural and thermal analysis of composite laminates.

Composite Star
Learn more about COMPOSITE STAR.

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